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Reducing Traffic Congestion

Belia has worked to implement policies and projects aimed toward relieving traffic congestion, maintaining roads and improving the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. She will continue to leverage relationships with regional and state leaders to secure much-needed transportation funding and fight for higher-paying local jobs so that local residents don’t have to commute long distances to work every day. Achievements

  • Advanced the completion of Devlin Road segment E — providing an alternative to Hwy 29 and getting truck traffic off the regional corridor
  • Advocated for the extension of the NB Hwy 29 turn lane on to Airport Blvd — relieving congestion on Hwy 29
  • Reduced the speed limits in Coombsville — listening to the safety concerns of neighbors
  • Implemented Measure T and SB 1 funds to repave county roads, including Imola Ave
  • Secured funding for repairs to damage from 2017 and 2019 storms
  • Supports the long overdue maintenance of county roads, such as North Avenue and Third Avenue with more to come
  • Complete the Newell Road extension from Donaldson Way to South Kelly Road
  • Continue to work with other jurisdictions to create joint projects, leveraging assets and providing cross training opportunities
  • Adopt a Countywide Traffic Impact Fee program based on trips per day
  • Identify all funding for the Soscol Ferry Road and Hwy 29 interchange
  • Work with the City of American Canyon on the total completion of Devlin Road
  • Repave the Avenues in Coombsville by utilizing PCI data and leveraging Measure T and SB funds

Providing Affordable Housing

Throughout her first term as Supervisor, Belia has fought to ensure housing in District 5 is accessible for everyone by supporting investment in affordable units and programs helping lower-income families secure housing. She has worked to balance the need for affordable housing with protections for our natural areas, wildlife habitat and agricultural lands. Achievements

  • Funded 329 affordable units during her first term in office
  • Welcomed 148 families into new affordable housing units in 2019 alone
  • Loaned $930,000 to 22 families under the worker-proximity loan assistance program
  • Elected Vice President of ABAG, Association of Bay Area Governments—responsible for regional planning
  • Fund affordable housing development within the cities and town, leveraging both housing impact fee funds and Measure I funds (reserved for housing)
  • Collaborate with the State of California to zone non-Open Space appropriate lands for affordable housing
  • Work with the agricultural community to identify and create additional farmworker housing communities specifically for families
  • Create a funding mechanism to further enhance the creation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Recovery and Public Safety

Supervisor Belia Ramos was there for us in our greatest time of need. During and after the October 2017 wildfires, Ramos advocated for all Napa County residents at the state and national level to support victims and ensure Napa Valley is prepared for emergency events. Achievements

  • Opened two new fire stations in rural Napa County
  • Successfully advocated for our region’s recovery at the state and national level to ensure 100% of property tax backfill, local contribution and public assistance dollars came back to Napa County in the wake of the October 2017 fires
  • Testified before the legislature and worked with FCC to demand transparency and action by cellphone carriers during disasters and Public Safety Power Shutoffs
  • Supported the participation and advocacy for counties at the California Public Utilities Commission in regard to Public Safety Power Shutoffs and wildfire prevention
  • Served (and continues to serve) as the Board Liaison to the Fire Services Advisory Committee working directly with our volunteer and career firefighters on policies and procedures
  • Supported the relocation of our County Correctional Facility that will embrace evidence based and rehabilitative programing for our inmates
  • Continue to demand that public safety be PG&E’s number one priority during future Public Safety Power Shutoff events
  • Enhance community emergency preparedness through education, public events and neighborhood watch
  • Complete the relocation of our County Correctional Facility

Protecting Our Environment and Combatting Climate Change

Belia understands that the choices we make today will have a lasting impact on our future, which is why she has led local efforts to promote sustainable practices. Climate change is already impacting our Napa County communities, with larger and more-intense fires and flooding. Belia led our community through the October 2017 fires and she will continue to fight to ensure we are prepared and resilient for natural disasters that may come. Achievements

  • Approved Napa County going “Deep Green” – committing to run County buildings entirely on green energy
  • Supported the Water Quality and Tree Protection ordinance — the first update to our conservation regulations in 15 years
  • Collaborated with the City of Napa to approve continued watershed monitoring
  • Approved the first commercial renewable energy site and approved an ordinance to guide future renewable energy projects
  • Continued support of mindful fleet purchases to minimize the County’s carbon footprint
  • Attended the student led Climate Action rally; the only Supervisor to attend
  • Created a countywide Climate Action Committee
  • Created a Ground Water Sustainability Agency to provide further oversight on our water resources
  • Create science-informed policy for the protection of our drinking water
  • Continue to support open space, specifically the purchase of Skyline Park
  • Create infrastructure policies to support modes of transportation that reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Adopt a climate action plan that incorporates regional goals

Preserving Our Quality of Life

Through smart fiscal leadership, Belia has successfully maintained vital public services while balancing the county budget. Belia’s record shows that she has the experience, dedication and vision to tackle the issues ahead and will remain the accessible, hardworking leader who can bring innovative new ideas to our county. Achievements

  • Balanced a $518 million budget in 2019-2020, successfully bringing vital services to residents
  • Advocated and testified in support of the statewide financial stabilization of In-Home Supportive Services with the Governor’s administration and the National Union of Health Workers (NUHW) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU), with the State general fund contributing $5 billion for this federal entitlement
  • Advocated and brought about the raising of the Rainbow Flag at Napa County’s administration building in June 2019 (and the only Supervisor present at the raising of the flags at the City of Napa, the County of Napa and the City of American Canyon)
  • Created a strategic plan for the County that reflects the values of our community
  • Supported the enhancement of Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitative programing
  • Opened Napa County’s first Crisis Stabilization Center to address critical and life-threatening mental health needs of our residents
  • Actively supported Drug Court—an alternative sentencing path that provides wrap around services for participants with few sentencing alternatives
  • Collaborated with our Community Leaders coalition to enhance our voting options in this new era of Vote-by-Mail
  • Continue to serve as the Board Liaison to the Food Council working directly with farmers and advocates to promote policies that create meaningful sources of local foods and address food insecurity
  • Work towards another balanced budget without compromising vital county services
  • Remain accessible to the community and continue to listen to the concerns of constituents

Promoting Economic Development & Job Creation

Supervisor Belia Ramos believes a thriving local economy is essential to maintaining a high quality of life in Napa Valley which is why she has supported projects to improve local recreational facilities and promote local businesses. She also knows that if we invest in well-paying local jobs close to home, we can help combat the effects of traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Residents should spend less time stuck in traffic and more time with family and friends. Achievements

  • Advocated for the enhanced development and updated standards at Napa County Airport
  • Supported Napa County’s acquisition of Lake Berryessa under a management agreement to embrace recreational and destination activities
  • Facilitated dozens of businesses in maneuvering the development within the Airport Industrial Area which requires multiple agency approval
  • Fight for higher-paying local jobs and housing people can afford so residents can work closer to home
  • Continue to promote enhanced development at Napa County Airport by providing a second Fixed Based Operator
  • Use her position on the regional council of local governments to remain on the frontlines advocating for the balance between job creation, housing demands, transportation improvements and our rural county nature