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Countless Napa County residents and community leaders have pledged their support in re-electing Supervisor Belia Ramos. To add your name to her growing list of supporters, click here.

Here's what Belia's supporters are saying:

“Belia Ramos has been there for us when we needed her most, supporting our communities through the October 2017 fires and advocating for the region’s recovery, emergency communication resiliency and emergency preparedness. I proudly support Supervisor Belia Ramos’ re-election because she will continue to fight for American Canyon and South Napa.” 

— Mike Thompson, US Congressman

“Supervisor Belia Ramos has effectively leveraged state and regional relationships to secure much-needed maintenance and funding for transportation. She was integral to the Devlin Road Segment E connection, taking heavy trucks off Highway 29 and relieving traffic congestion. She deserves your vote so that she can continue her work to improve transportation and reduce traffic congestion.” 

— Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, CA State Assemblymember
Elected and Appointed Leaders

Mike Thompson, US Congressman
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, CA State Assemblymember
Joelle Gallagher, Napa County Supervisor
Brad Wagenknecht, Former Napa County Supervisor
Leon Garcia, Mayor, American Canyon
David Oro, Vice Mayor, American Canyon
Joan Bennett, Former American Canyon City Councilmember
Liz Alessio, Napa City Council
Mary Luros, Napa City Council
Dr. Barbara Nemko, Napa County Superintendent of Schools
Robert Minahen, Napa County Treasurer-Tax Collector 
Jim Hudak, Former Napa County Treasurer-Tax Collector 
Tracy Schulze, Napa County Auditor-Controller
Mary Ann Mancuso, Former Trustee, Napa Valley College
Rosaura Segura, Former Trustee, Napa Valley College
Brenda Knight, Former Trustee, Napa Valley College
Megan Dameron, Napa Valley Planning Commissioner
Brando Cruz, American Canyon Planning Commissioner

Community Leaders

Reggie Barrero
Rose Barrero
Lita Bautista
Milan Bautista
Brian Botarri
Adrienne Boudreaux
Suzanne Bronk
Lani Burguin
Barry Christian
Megan Dameron
Gerard Disu
Lety Elayda
Marcia Hadeler
Julie Hall
Jonathan Hall
Sean Hughes
Tracey Jones

Patti Krueger

Tracy Krumpen

Kasama Lee

Hope Lugo

Beth Marcus

Elise Nerlove-Rutchick
Arvind Nischal
Jyoti Nischa
George O'Meara
Mariam Puentes
Patricia Oro
Anne Payne
Pam Phillips
Tom Phillips
Anthony Quicho
Rosario Quicho
Salvador Ramos
Tom Ritchey
Dorothy Salmon
John Salmon
Jeff Servente
Karina Servente
Blanca Wright
Damon Wright

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