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Dear Neighbor,


As a Napa County native who is raising a family here, it has been an honor to serve as your District 5 Supervisor. During my first term, I’ve worked to reduce traffic congestion on our roadways, created affordable housing within our community, fought for the financial stabilization of In-Home Supportive Services and advocated for the recovery and resiliency of our community in the aftermath of the October 2017 fires. 


Looking ahead, I know that together we can continue to make a difference for the Fifth District and Napa County. I will continue to put people first and protect our way of life. 


I would be honored to have your support of my re-election so we can continue our work, together.

A Proven Track Record as County Supervisor

  • Supported the creation of over 300 units of affordable housing

  • Helped push forward projects to relieve traffic congestion, including the Devlin Road connection

  • Balanced the county budget while also maintaining vital services

  • Advocated for all Napa Valley Residents during and after the October 2017 wildfires

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